Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Beginning

I am the type that belief everyone deserves and explanation. I would like to keep this one simple and sweet, but since nothing with me is simple and I am rarely sweet, I doubt it will be either.

I plan on completing 365 things in 365 days. Everything from traveling and challenges to healing and weight loss.  If I accomplish these goals, I hope that not only will the journey be worth it, but that I will get out of my shell. One I built as a necessity, one I need to shake away. 

I thought long and hard about starting a blog of this caliber. One, my laptop keyboard sucks. Do I really want to type on it? Lame excuse I know. But When you have to hit each key for each letter practically twice, you would think about the time put into this blog on this laptop as well.  Two, time, I work a LOT. I am scheduled 50 hours a week. A good paying but under appreciated job. Though scheduled 50 hours, I usually work 60 or more. Yes, I know.  No life. Hence number three, "Will I be able to keep my goals?"  Probably not, but I am up for the challenge.

I know most people would have started this blog at the beginning of the year, but I am not most people. What is the fun in that anyway?  If and I do say "IF" all goes well, I could have half my list done by Christmas.  Below you will find part of my list of things to do. Only part, because it is very hard to come up with 365 things to do in a year.  Some may seem silly, but since I am basically a hermit when not at work, and this list is a way to "make" me live my life, I am leaving some of it blank. Looking for suggestions from any and all would like to make them.  

Some of them are very personal. They will make me look deep into my soul and make choices I may not, no, I know I am not ready to do. But they have to be done.  I hope that in completing them, that I will heal, grow and maybe even love someone who will actually love me back.  Years wasted for too many reasons to name today.

1.  Start this blog. (Lame number one, but necessary don't you think?)
2. Lose 30 pounds ( I need to lose much more, but realistic is my middle name.)
3. Go to Saint Louis
4. Visit an Amusement Park and actually ride the rides.
5. Take a dance class. ( I love to dance, though never in public.)
6. Exercise at least twice a week ( Just for starters)
7.  Start my own business
8.  Expand my photography knowledge by taking classes.\
9. Have at least one of my pictures purchased. (Shows it's appreciated by someone.)
10. Go on a date. (Simple? Not for me. Explanation later.)
11.  Visit New York. (Always wanted to go there.)
12. Find a place to live. (Further explanation needed, I know.)
13. Plant a garden
14. Host a successful party.
15. Go to the beach.
16. Join a gym
17. Finish writing my book.
18. Get a new job.
19. Have a girls night out
20. Ride my bike more
21. Pay off my car.
22. Fall out of love (The hardest one. The one that needs the most explanation)
23. Take a cake decorating class.
24. Have an outdoor movie night with my monsters.
25. Learn how to can food.
26. Revamp a t.v. stand into a kitchen for my cousin.
27. Participate in a Scavenger Hunt.
28. Buy and learn a need photo editing product.
29. Start up my Etsy site again.
30. Build up my credit score.
31. Get out of debt.
32. Stop playing facebook games. (They are addicting)
33. Keep making deserts but stop eating them.
34. Go to the dentist.
35. Eat healthier.
36. Save up $3,000.00
37. Purchase two beds.
38. Purchase  living room furniture.
39. This one is something extremely personal. To be announced when I do it.
40. Have pictured taken of me with my children. (I hate to have my picture taken.)
41. Visit my dad in Florida.
42. Do something special for a friend I owe.
43. Get a tan.
44. Go swimming.
45. Spend more time with my family.
46. Take a cooking class.
47. Go Roller skating.
48. Race a car.
49. Volunteer.
50. Help a friend.

List is small to start off will. I will add more as I go along. As I stated above, I am open for suggestions.

Thanks for reading.